Renda Irlandesa from Divina Pastora, Renda de Bilro from the hinterland, Bordado Rendendê from Japaratuba and the Cedro de São João, ceramics, wood carvings, totems, scowls, hammocks, baskets, hats, mats… the handicraft in Sergipe is rich, varied and there are lots of places where one can appreciate or buy them.

The Mercado Municipal Antônio Franco, downtown, has well stocked stores and there you can find from crafts and colorful pots of pepper to the picturesque booklets of chapbooks. Nearby are the Mercado Thales Ferraz, specializing in natural products, religious items, nuts, cachaça and liqueurs, and Mercado Municipal Governador Albano Franco – rich in fruits, vegetables, meats and fish, as well as clothes and electronics – which will surprise you with the varied forms of preparation of cashew nuts.

At the Centro de Arte e Cultura J. Inácio, the figurative ceramics by Beto Pezão, famous local ceramist, lace and handicraft in general.

All of this and also the Centro de Artesanato Chica Chaves, the Centro de Turismo e Comercialização Artesanal and the small market place at Praça Tobias Barreto, on Sundays.