Aracaju is an excellent place to taste the Northeastern kitchen, both the coastal and from the hinterland.

The hinterland contributes with the traditional jerked beef with milk mush and the fabulous Café Nordestino, which, among other delights, includes cassava, corn couscous and tapioca beiju.

The contributions of the coast are varied, but the highlight is the crab. In restaurants and kiosks, the people of Aracaju savors the natural crustacean stew, broken at the table, and drizzled with vinaigrette sauce. Now, the ‘cousin’ of the crab, the guaiamum, is served with fish sauce. And more, Casquinha de Siri, Caldinho de Sururu, fish, shrimp, prawns, oysters and clams.

The fruits of the Northeast, as mangaba, cherimoya, cherry, hog plum, hog plum, araça and cashews, are always present, in the form of juices and ice creams or au naturel.

At the seashore of Atalaia, the Passarela do Caranguejo gathers dozens of houses that offer good regional cuisine and throughout the city, restaurants of different specialties meet the different preferences.