Whoever frequently goes to the Baixada Santista already knows all about malls, markets, shops and fairs, but beginners need to know a few places where, in addition to crafts, there are interesting things and that holiday mood that makes shopping a real pleasure.

In Santos, on weekends and holidays, there are craft fairs at Praia do Gonzaga, at Praia do Boqueirão and Ponta da Praia. In the city center, quality coffee from various parts of Brazil, beans or powder, can be purchased in the cafeteria of the Museu do Café.

São Vicente has two fairs: the one at Biquinha, on Sundays, with crafts and sweets, and the Feira dos Artesãos, on weekdays, downtown.

In Praia Grande, the fairs take place on weekends and holidays in Ocian, Vila Caiçara and Solemar and they also have food courts.

In Guarujá, there are at least four fairs: the Feira de Artesanato das Astúrias, daily at Praia das Astúrias, the Feira de Artesanato, on weekends at Praça das Bandeiras, the Feira de Artesanato e Bijuterias de Pitangueiras, daily on Avenida Marechal Deodoro da Fonseca, and the Feira de Artes e Trabalhos Manuais, on weekends at Praia da Enseada.