Santos, São Vicente, Praia Grande and Guarujá have beautiful beaches where you will gladly go the whole year. But that is not all.

Besides housing the most important port in Brazil, Santos preserves relics of Baroque architecture in Brazil, like the Conjunto do Carmo, and testimonies of the golden era of the coffee industry, as the building of the former Bolsa Oficial do Café, from 1922, in the eclectic style of the era showing stained glass panels by Benedito Calixto, where today is the Museu do Café.

Also, the Museu do Instituto de Pesca, at Ponta da Praia, has a good collection of Caiçara art, shells, boats and marine fauna.

In São Vicente, there are the Biquinha de Anchieta, from the time of the Jesuits, and the Igreja Matriz, rebuilt in 1757 on the ruins of the former church, destroyed by pirates in the seventeenth century.

In Praia Grande, the Fortaleza de Itaipu, which has three fortresses and offers a beautiful view.

And in Guarujá, the Acqua Mundo, its biggest attraction, is a tank of 800,000 liters of salt water to schools of open sea water fish, such as ocean sharks. In addition, in its replicas of natural habitats, the complex has the largest collection of aquatic organisms in South America.