Balneário Camboriú welcomes people from many places and its restaurants cater to all tastes. It is natural that, as in any coastal town, fish dishes and seafood have a special place in the menus, but those who seek other options will not be disappointed. The Avenida Atlântica and the surrounding streets concentrate the true gastronomic hub of the city, so there is no need to go much further.

There are restaurants with contemporary cuisine, such as L’Assiette and the Bistrot La Table, and traditional ones, such as the Casa da Lagosta and the Estaleirinho, which offer classic recipes of fish and shrimp, including the delicious mullet in different ways. For those who do not waste a good barbecue, there are lots of houses specialized in the art of roasting on the grill, including the Madero and the Porto Grill. Besides all this, the list is long, especially for deli houses, where there are sweets, snacks, juices and ice creams to satisfy, with competence, the craving for delicacies. Along this line, the Cafehaus Glória, the Méri and the Tentação do Mate, for example, are great options.