As with cooking, the indigenous culture is reflected in the craftsmanship of Pará. To the beauty and delicacy of the marajoara craftsmanship with its refined geometric designs, ceramics of Santarem following Tapajós tradition are added. In replicas of vases, jars, bowls and objects used by ancient inhabitants of the region, the ceramics are found in Icoaraci, on the shores of the Baía de Guajará, and at the Feira de Artesanato do Paracuri.

Also in the Feira de Artesanato do Paracuri, wooden carvings and pieces made from different raw materials from the forest, like the trunk of the Buriti palm tree, the balata gum, the liana titica and guarumã, tururi and Buriti straw are found. They are little boats such as those carried by pilgrims to the Círio de Nazaré procession, dolls, toys, baskets, decorative objects and various utensils.

But the great spectacle of typical products is at Ver-o-Peso, one of the oldest and most authentic markets in the country. There is everything from crafts to fruit and exotic spices of the Amazon. Check it out!