First of all, you need to feel the forest. An excellent sample of species of flora and fauna in the Amazon is at the Parque Zootânico, an area of 5.2 hectares located in the urban center of Belém which also concentrates the educational activities of the Museu Emílio Goeldi. Another option is the Parque Naturalístico Mangal das Garças, where there is an overview of the different ecosystems of the region. And a boat ride through the Guama and Acara rivers, going on streams and forest walks, is the icing on the cake for any ‘jungle adventure’.

History is present in the Forte do Presépio, from the seventeenth century, the Casa das Onze Janelas, from the eighteenth century, the luxurious Theatro da Paz, symbol of the prosperity of the times of the rubber cycle, in the Estação das Docas and the old prison, where today, the Polo Joalheiro houses the Casa do Artesão with jewelry and crafts, and the Museu de Gemas do Pará with mineral samples.

Religion has its place in the Basílica de Nossa Senhora de Nazaré, and the Catedral da Sé – where the image of the patroness is taken in the procession of the Círio de Nazaré – and the Museu do Círio, which documents the history of the biggest Catholic religious manifestation in Brazil.

Enjoy Belém!