It is a double pleasure to shop in Belo Horizonte. There are the shopping-centers, practical, modern and diversified, with renowned brands, services, restaurants and cinemas. And there are those special points where buying is the least of pleasures. Lourdes, for example, is a charming district with many shops to be found by wandering through the streets.

Cheese bread, refried jiló, liver with onions, fruits and vegetables, herbs, beef to eat right there or take away , cheeses, cachaças, flowers, handicrafts… the Mercado Central is all that and much more. Impossible not to drop by.

Arts and handicraft fairs, such as Mineirinho and Afonso Pena, permit closer contact with the Minas Gerais culture and creativity.

Finally, from specialty cachaças to precious stones, there is a lot to take as souvenirs. This is Belo Horizonte, uai!