Belo Horizonte offers an impressive array of options in culture and leisure. Museums, theaters, show places, dancing clubs, attraction in every corner of the streets. Alternative bookstores, with gourmet spaces, art galleries, a varied and constantly renewed program of shows.

Hundreds of plazas and 69 parks invite you to breathe and relax inside of a lot of greenery and privileged nature. A visit to the Parque das Mangabeiras will be rewarded, also with a superb view of the Serra do Curral.

Clearly the Conjunto Arquitetônico da Pampulha is a must. The Igreja de São Francisco de Assis, the Casa do Baile, the Iate Tênis Clube and the ancient casino – now Museu de Arte da Pampulha – are mandatory points.

And for those night life lovers, there is nothing better than to be in Belo Horizonte, where there is fun for all tastes.

Enjoy BH!