Eating well is trivial in the cosmopolitan Belo Horizonte. The numerous restaurants offer diverse dishes, from the traditional Minas Gerais cuisine to the most sophisticated gastronomy, and the pubs prepare quality sausages, cracklings, cassava and the famous angu fried pastries.

The typical table in Minas Gerais is flavorful, plentiful and well cared for, with dishes full of history, from the slavery era or from the gold and precious stones cycle. It is a food with unforgettable tastes, fuming from the cast iron or clay pots on the wood heated stove, and perfectly balanced. Beef, grains, pasta and vegetables in inspired combinations perfectly accompanied by the unbeatable cachaça mineira. What of the cheeses! Canastra, Queijo do Serro, frescal, meia-cura, padrão, de coalho… And the desserts! Fruits becoming compote after hours cooking in copper pans, milk becoming milk sweet and ambrosia to eat kneeling down. Blissful, Suh!