As well as the capitals cities from Brazil, Boa Vista offers several options to shopping. The city has shopping malls, popular stores and a “centre island” with shop stands in the historic centre. There you can find the better options in clothes, shoes, food and everything you need.

Because the big influence of the indigenous culture, Boa Vista offers to you a lot of options of handcraft. In the Centro de Artesanato (centre of handcraft), which is a building beside the Mercado Central (a megastore), you find options of hammocks, bijous made with fruit seeds like açaí, buriti and patuá, decorative objects, t-shirts and musical instruments.

On the Capitão Alves Avenue, there is the Centro de Artesanato Velia Coutinho (Handcraft Centre), where you can find fine handicrafts produced by the local craftsmen and indigenous products like baskets and collars.

Another excellent option for shopping that you have in the city is the Feira do Produtor Rural  (a kind of Farm Fair). There you find the best of the city food like fish, noni (a medicinal fruit), a bottle butter, peppers, tapiocas, juices and flours. It is worth to prove and enjoy the local food.