Boa Vista has an unique landscape with its tree-lined, wide and well lit streets, which take a modern-looking to the city, amidst the exuberant amazon nature. The city is surrounded by the Rio Branco (a river) and, in the centre, you can hear the singing of the birds!

You can access the centre of the city by all the avenues, because they are as a fan shape. There, you will find of the most known postcards of the city, The Centro Cívico. The city centre is too famous by the buildings’s portuguese decor from the 19th century, which differs from the modern architecture of the city.

One of the main features of Boa Vista is the tropical climate, that is good, with temperature from 20° C to 36° C, with a dry period of the Rio Branco (a river) between March and October. So you can have fun with fishing, boat ride and water sports. If you prefer, you can visit the natural pools that fascinate tourists from all over the world.

This city has a diverse population! In Boa Vista you can find southerners and Northerners, beyond the indigenous from the region. Because this, the culture of the city is rich and amazing.  The local food is an a part attraction, with all sort of food, whose highlight is the typical spice of the indigenous cousine.

Beauty, diverse culture, adventure and beautiful architecture, brazilian treasures that you can find only in Boa Vista!