A luminous sky that dazzles the brilliance of power and a horizon that is so ample that it makes people realize their real dimension. Under the placidity of the monuments, the bustling of the gears running the country is felt and covers the city with an enigmatic and seductive atmosphere. Brasilia is an uncommon sensation.

Built in the Central Highlands under the leadership of Juscelino Kubitschek, the Brazilian federal capital exhales modernity and power. Its fantastic architecture has awarded her the title of Unesco World Heritage as an example of daring urban planning and exceptional construction. Urban planner Lúcio Costa, architect Oscar Niemeyer and landscapist Roberto Burle Marx made Brasilia as a magnificent open air museum – where the forms and spaces lit up by the Cerrado sunlight celebrate the grandeur with inspiration and refinement – through which one wanders with enchantment.

Between the city’s majesty and the Paranoá Lake’s tranquility, we choose both. By the lake, with its dazzling sunset or its romantic full moon, there is the Pontão do Lago Sul, a center for leisure and entertainment offering shows, live music and high quality gastronomy, in addition to a privileged view of de Brasilia.