Brasilia has an extensive network of practical, modern and diversified shopping-centers, with renowned brands, services, restaurants and cinemas.

If you are seeking something with local flavor, there are many street markets, such as BSB Mix, the Feira da Lua or the Feira da Torre, offering from bijouterie to fast food.

At the Fundação Athos Bulcão, famous brasiliense artist, there are replicas of the master’s work and crafty souvenirs decorated with his drawings.

And at the Centro de Exposição and Vendas Artíndia, in the FUNAI building, it is possible to buy original and very pretty art crafts from various Indian tribes.

E no Centro de Exposição e Vendas Artíndia, no prédio da FUNAI, é possível comprar peças originais e muito bonitas procedentes de várias tribos indígenas.