Populated by people from the four corners of the country, Brasilia appears to have not one, but many culinary identities. The traditional rice with pequi and the empadão (big pie), fundamental dishes of the trivial goiano, the beef prepared with southern accent, the fresh water fish, the cookery from Minas, Bahia, North and Northeast… make the brasiliense table a parade of aromas and flavors.


The restaurant networks follow the same line, offering diverse specialties, from a simple churrasco to the more refined contemporary cooking. The Plano Piloto concentrates the main addresses, but outside it there are also some very famous places, such as those installed next to the Park Shopping, in Guará. The Barbacoa, the Antiquarius Grill, the La Tambouille and the Le Vin Bistrô have very busy tables during working days, the same with the hamburger pub The Fifties. It is calmer though during the weekends.