Campo Grande is the shop window of handmade diversity of Mato Grosso do Sul.

From Indigenous peoples, come Terena ceramics with tribal motifs, and Kadiwéu pottery with geometric and colorful designs, as well as ornaments, pieces of straw and weaving where the creativity of different nations is reflected.

From Pantanal come the miniatures of animals, such as the tuiuiú, symbol of the region, the heron and the jaguar, and ceramic figures representing the indigenous women and the women from Pantanal, loom pieces, fiber woven baskets and wood carvings.

And there is also the less traditional, but very interesting, craft that develops in the region: handbags, wallets, belts, and garments made ​​of fish leather.

All this can be found at Casa do Artesão, at Morada dos Baís and at Memorial da Cultura Indígena, as well as at Feira Central and at Mercado Municipal, and although not always with guaranteed authenticity, even at the camelódromo., with street vendors