From Pantanal come appreciated and savory fresh water fish, such as pintado, pacu and dourado, and from the cerrado come pequi and guariroba which are indispensable to typical chicken as well as rice dishes of the Midwest. Ingredients with indigenous tradition and very special preparation, like the classic Caldo de Piranha Pantaneira.

Other cultures also influenced the culinary of Campo Grande. From Paraguay comes the Sopa Paraguaia, which, despite its name, is a savory cake made ​​of corn, cornmeal, eggs, onion and cheese, and the Chipa, a type of cheese bagel. Japanese immigrants brought the Sobá – or toshikoshi-sobá – a noodle dish, almost a soup, made with chunks of pork, beef or chicken and oriental spices, which became famous in the city and can be savored in several places including the Feira Central.

From Paraguay also came the Tereré, a variation of Chimarrão in which the yerba mate is mixed with iced water. The drink is prepared in a guampa, a traditional container made of ox horn, and sipped with traditional bombilla. Tereré and good conversations feed the Rodas de Tereré, one of the nicest traditions of Campo Grande.