In stores and craft fairs, you’ll find the viola of cocho, one of the cultural symbols of Mato Grosso. With the resonance box made ​​of carved wood, the instrument originated in the Pantanal and accompanied by the mocho, a percussion instrument with wooden structure, and by the ganza, a kind of rattle, is part of traditional festivals of Mato Grosso.

Other types of craft, as traditional plowed – or embroidered – trooper hammocks, the wooden pieces typical of riverside towns of Rio Cuiabá, the São Gonçalo pottery and basketry made ​​from bamboo, buriti straw and Urubamba vines, are also part of local culture and are extremely original.

The artifacts produced in Indian villages stand out, as always, for their beauty and quality. Local creations and from the Xingu Indian Reservation can be found in Casa do Artesão.