The diversity of backgrounds of the people of Curitiba is reflected in the local cuisine. Italian recipes, Polish, German, Japanese and Portuguese are part of the table of Curitiba and restaurants’ menu. Among the favorites are pastas, in all its forms and flavors, sausage dishes, the Eisbein mit Sauerkraut, pork knee served with sauerkraut, and stuffed drake, followed by cod delicacies, Sushis e Sashimis. And BBQ, of course, because many gauchos migrated to Curitiba brought their customs along.

Being a cosmopolitan capital, Curitiba does not leave aside so many other specialties, ranging from the traditional Indian cuisine to the innovations of contemporary cuisine.

Tea houses are also a characteristic of the city. There, locals and visitors sip very special sweets, of European origin – like the vigorous Polish sweets, so hard to find in other parts of the country – and which make the meal a great time. In an environment always well cared for, salty options also appear with equal quality and success.