As any place with a strong cultural tradition, Florianópolis offers many choices of crafts. Besides the wonderful Azorean lace made ​​by lace makers at Lagoa da Conceição, many outdoor craft fairs, scattered around the island, and small shops expose more than original pieces, ranging from woodwork and tapestries to ceramics, interlaces and small objects of extreme good taste.

The Casa da Alfândega, a beautiful neoclassical architecture building constructed in 1875, houses about four craftsmen from various regions of Santa Catarina, which bring contributions of each of the colonizing ethnics. One of the attractions of the place is the demonstration of the techniques used in the preparation of different pieces.

Some stores and workshops offer artistic works such as paintings, ceramics and sculptures. In the cozy district of Santo Antonio de Lisboa, the visitor finds good options of the kind.

The city also offers modern shopping malls with good shops and food courts.