Privileging fish dishes is nothing but natural for a city located on an island sea. Buy cultural and geographical aspects make Florianópolis the ideal destination for lovers of sea and seafood.

One of the most meaningful legacies left by Azorean immigrants is the fishing activity. Between May and July a true ritual takes over some of the beaches, for the traditional fishing of the “mullet”: a spotter from a high coastal point, searches for shoals, and following a sign, fishermen throw their nets. City restaurants offer different recipes of mullet, especially ones like “tainha escalada” (the mullet after being salted and left in the sun), roasted over coals, or fresh mullet fried in pieces, stuffed or in a stew.

The calm seaside of the island, facing the continent, favored oister farming. Fresh, they are served raw or in elaborate recipes especially in restaurants in Ribeirão da Ilha

Other specialties? Of course. Florianópolis has a wide net of varied restaurants, to suit all tastes.