The sails of Mucuripe… sails in songs. The constant and fresh breeze, a beach resort appearance, modernity and good humor, beach umbrellas and flirting. Swinging the whole week long, forró to dance embraced, axé, surf music, pop-rock and samba. Macaxeira and baião de dois, cashew and cajá, red porgy and lobster, crab and tapioca. Mr. José, Mrs Maria, Fortaleza is delicious!

With a super friendly people and thirty-four kilometers of beaches, Fortaleza is a favorite destination of those seeking sun and leisure. Founded in the sixteenth century, the city gained momentum in 1822 and, to serve the transportation of the cotton production, became one of the largest ports in Brazil.

Aside from a small historic nucleus next to the old port, now transformed into a leisure area, Fortaleza is a modern city, with many skyscrapers and avenues.

The all year round pleasant climate and beautiful urban beaches are an invitation to life outdoors. The Praia do Futuro is one of the best in town for swimming and has a very busy nightlife. At the Meireles beach, the sea is not recommended for bathing, but, with its coconuts and kiosks, is one of the most beautiful beaches in Fortaleza. Walk around that vicinity, to get a tan, and to watch the sunset is a very nice program. There, looking at the horizon, Iracema continues to wait for her love.