Besides the sightseeing points, such as the Ponte dos Ingleses, the Theatro José de Alencar, the Cine São Luiz, the Mercado dos Pinhões, the Farol do Mucuripe and the Fortaleza Nossa Senhora da Assunção, Fortaleza has museums, churches and important cultural centers. The Centro Dragão do Mar de Arte e Cultura, for example, is a must in the city tours.

Inheritors of the privileged humoristic vein that bred comedians like Chico Anysio and Tom Cavalcante, the cearense has made Fortaleza the ‘humor capital’. However, the popular comedy that made that nickname stick, very common in pubs and showplaces in the capital, are being replaced by more discrete shows, in the stand-up comedy and improvisation genres that are conquering the preference of the public. One must check it out.

The Fortaleza nightlife is always bustling, any day of the week. There is a lot of forró, of course, because everybody likes to dance close together, but other options are also plentiful, from surf music to samba, axé, electronic music and pop-rock.

Enjoy Fortaleza!