The rich cearense cuisine has one of its best expressions in Fortaleza. The red porgy baked with crude salt and lobster lead the parade of local wonders. Then, the crab meat mixes in the beach kiosks, tapioca in more than eighty versions in the Centro das Tapioqueiras, sun dried meat fried in bottled butter with baião de dois, cearense fish mix bubbling in the ceramic pan with its fish, vegetables and eggs with coconut milk… heavenly blessings, no doubt.

In addition to places serving regional food, there are excellent restaurants representing the most diverse specialties with very creative recipes predominantly with fish and crustaceans. European or Asian contemporary cuisine of excellent quality is served with refinement and good taste.

What about the pubs! There are many places to nibble, toast, day or night, in new or traditional points… Arre égua, curtição da moléstia! (Jeepers, mare, what a sickly enjoyment!)