To cater to the thousands of tourists from all corners of the world, restaurants in Foz bet on diversification. So, most of them offer multi-cuisine menus. But there are places specialized in Spanish, Italian, Oriental and the infallible steakhouses.

The Zaragoza offers specialties like Bacalhau à Dom Pepe, accompanied by capers, broccoli, potatoes and palmetto, the Camarão al Ajillo, fried in olive oil with garlic, the parrilladas – or grilled – meat, fish or seafood and steaks of chorizo – or tenderloin. The Bella Italia makes neat pasta dishes, the Tempero da Bahia dominates the Baiana cuisine and the La Cabaña Churrascaria prepares meats to the Argentinean style.

Hotel restaurants, such as the elegant Cuisine du Ciel, of contemporary cuisine, or the Restaurante Internacional, perfect for families or business meetings, both at the Golden Tulip Internacional Foz, are an interesting option.