Raw materials from the cerrado vegetation give a special touch to goiano crafts, found in shops and fairs in Goiânia. The most typical pieces using fiber taken from leaves of species of palm trees – as Buritis, Macaúbas and Tucun – and a kind of evergreen known as golden grass seeds, like those of coconuts and acai, and vines.

With these materials, Goiás artisans create beautiful collections of basketry, earrings, bracelets and necklaces, and other ornaments and decorations. There are also creations in wood, copper, soapstone, ceramic, leather, fabrics and garments. At hippie fairs, da Lua, do Sol and others, there are also stalls selling regional pastries and candies to the delight of visitors, and at stores at the Mercado Municipal (Municipal Market), you can check out all the art of the people of Goiás.

Goiânia also offers many modern malls with excellent choice of shops and food courts.