The greatest attraction of Goiânia is its parks and forests, from small ones to those which occupy huge spaces. One of the most eye-catching is the Parque Vaca Brava, a bucolic and peaceful scenery. Lago das Rosas  is the oldest in the capital, created in the 1940s and it houses the Zoológico de Goiânia . Another traditional area is the Bosque dos Buritis where are the Museu de Artes and the Monumento à Liberdade, created by the artist Siron Franco. The wild vegetation serves as habitat for monkeys and birds. Largest conservation area in Goiânia, Jardim Botânico  has an area of ​​original forest, home to several species of wild animals and which has hiking trails and a lake.

Architecture lovers will be delighted with the dozens of monuments and buildings in art deco style built in the 1940s and 1950s. Among the most interesting buildings are the Palácio das Esmeraldas,  seat of the state government, and the gazebo, both in Praça Cívica , the Torre do Relógio , fountains and obelisks.