A visit to João Pessoa should begin at the Historical Center, and preferably on foot, without haste. Founded in 1585, the city has true relics. And there is much to be seen, like the Palácio da Redenção, seat of government of the State of Paraíba, the Theatro Santa Rosa, the Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Carmo, the Capela de Santa Tereza d’Àvila, the old 1930’s houses at Praça Antenor Navarro, the Igreja de São Frei Pedro Gonçalves, the Palácio do Bispo, the Casarão – or Sobradode Azulejos, the Casa da Pólvora and the old Hotel Globo, which today houses the Honorary Consulate of Spain and a tourist information center.

The most precious jewel of the Historic Center is the Centro Cultural São Francisco, owner of a remarkable architectural ensemble of Baroque in Brazil. The Igreja de São Francisco, the Convento de Santo Antônio, the Capela da Ordem Terceira de São Francisco, the Capela de São Benedito, the Capela Dourada, the Claustro da Ordem Terceira, the fountains and great atrium of the Cruzeiro are part of it.

And there is more! The beaches, the natural pools in the blue sea, the Fortaleza de Santa Catarina, the Farol do Cabo Branco, the Casa do Artista Popular… and the sunset at Cabedelo.