It’s worth paying a visit to Portal da Barra, a fishermen village on the shores of Laguna de Mundaú to visit Rua das Rendeiras. There the filet lace, a tradition of over 200 years, was created by the most able hands of the women of Mundaú to be turned into garments, towels, curtains and inset. Colorful and presenting an unmistakable geometric design, the Renda Maceioense can be found in various applications in the shops on Rua das Rendeiras.

At the Mercado de Artesanato in Levada, a village near the city center, you can buy any kind of local crafts. Embroidery, lace, ceramics, figurines, carvings, pieces in straw or coconut fiber and the famous Northeastern hammocks are there in quantity and great variety.

Another place where crafts are sold is Pajuçara beach. Near the pier of the rafts, dozens of stalls of the Feira de Artesanato de Pajuçara offer a bit of everything from crafts, jewelry, sarongs, beachwear, hammocks and chapbooks. But you need to know how to take your pick, because alongside good quality stuff, there are a lot of trinkets.