With sunshine and clear blue-green waters, it is difficult to resist the outdoor life of Maceió. And almost everyone comes to Maceió for that: to enjoy the sun and the sea. On the beaches, the natural pools where you’ll go on a raft or the coral reefs where you’ll go by boat. Or still, riding on a schooner, slowly surrounding the set of nine islands of Laguna de Mundaú.

Among the cultural spaces, those who wish to know more about the people they visit, there are: Museu Théo Brandão de Antropologia e Folclore, with recordings of regional music, films about the folklore of Alagoas, works of local artists and exhibition of crafts and characters, clothing and instruments of popular festivals, the Museu Palácio Floriano Peixoto, with paintings, furniture, silverware, crystal and objects of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Biblioteca Pública Estadual, installed in Palacete Barão de Jaraguá, built between 1844 and 1849; and the Memorial Teutônio Vilela and the Memorial à República.

At night, the favorite option is to walk the shore, especially between Ponta Verde and Jatiúca, or listen to music and chitchat at the bars nearby.

Enjoy Maceió!