The sururu, a clam with a double shell, is the delight of many visitors and locals. Caught in the mud of the Mundaú and the Manguaba lagoons, it is prepared ‘no capote”, that is, in its own shell, with a sauce made of tomatoes, peppers, onion and garlic, coconut milk or in sauces for fish. Very tasty, it is the soul of the Caldinho de Sururu, very appreciated in bars, that goes well with drinks and chats.

The dishes of the hinterland are also present in the cuisine of Maceió. Roasted jerked beef – served with cassava, cowpea and clarified butter – and Baião de Dois – made with rice, beans, jerked beef and bits of curd cheese – naturally, and innovations, such as jerked beef made with buffalo or ostrich meat and served with mashed pumpkin and banana as in the dish named Carne de Sol do Picuí.

From the sea, very fresh fish, shrimp, lobsters, mussels and other seafood, supplied to specialized restaurants. Grilled or just steamed, thus preserving their natural flavors, or in fish stews, stews and casseroles or even in sophisticated recipes, they are always unforgettable.