The close proximity to the forest makes Manaus a great place to buy Indian handicrafts and natural products – Amazon’s own.

Herbs, peppers, spices, regional fruits and crafts are found both in the Mercado Municipal and at the stalls scattered around the port area. But there are shops specializing in crafts where handpicked pieces show all the creativity and beauty of the handmade production of different indigenous peoples.

On Indigenous Art – Arte Indígena, ornaments, pottery and baskets made by the Waimiri Atroari. In Ecoshop, besides crafts in general and pieces from Serra da Capivara, objects made by the Ianomâmis and Ticunas.

The Central de Artesanato Branco e Silva gathers, alongside the exhibition hall, the restaurant and the florist, 23 craft shops typically made ​​with regional materials such as wood, ceramics, tucumã straw, and tucum fiber and straw, jute and titica-liana. The Galeria Amazônica, beyond traditional ornaments, ceramics and baskets, displays paintings, sculptures and carvings created by various ethnic groups and communities.