Indigenous food for all tastes, this is the top of the Manauense kitchen. Freshwater fish such as tambaqui, the peacock bass, the arapaima, the filhote and jaraqui, come to the table roasted or as stews, seasoned with aromatic Amazon peppers. Dishes and ingredients with mysterious names: tacacá, tucupi, jambu, tucumã, cupuaçu, camu-camu, taperebá, graviola,araça, açai, tapioca, guarana. The music of the language of the forest blended with very special native flavors.

The Amazon fruits, it does not matter if natural or as candy and even as ice cream, have a hint of aphrodisiacs. The herbs and spices, colorful and odorants, give refinements of sophistication to the simplest of dishes. Amazon nuts, with its real taste, “Balas” – candy with a mass of fruit wrapped in chocolate, X-Caboclinhos of bread with tucumã chips, melted cheese curds and fried bananas… And another fried banana, the green one, in small thin salty slices, a crunchy pleasure found in stalls throughout the city. Delicious novelties for your smell and taste.