Corner of the Americas, made of white sand and bathed by a sea of blue, Natal is a gift worth the Three Wise Men. Cristal waters, fresh air, steady breeze, Sun, ideal temperature for life in the open. Adventures in the dunes of Genipapu, relaxation and fun in all kinds of beaches. You can choose among calm waters, strong waves, lots of bustle or deserted and protected corners. A paradise made to order just for you!


Owner of an extraordinary seashore, Natal is the right destination for Sun lovers!

In its origins we find Potiguar Indians, French Corsairs, Portuguese and Dutch settlers. Dutch rule, which boosted the Northeast region and new growth perspective to the city, ceased in 1654, but left an important genetic and cultural heritage

A new wave of development came along with WW II. Due to its strategic location, Natal became a starting point to the departure of troops and refueling of allied planes. With the construction of an American air base, North-American citizens came and settled. The population grew, social customs were enriched and gave Natal a wider visibility.

Today Natal is a modern city, safe, enjoyable and welcoming. A privileged place that keeps a vacation spirit all year long, and welcomes visitors at any time and with extreme kindness.


Among dunes, a transparent sea and a giant Cashew tree, beautiful places can be explored from Natal. The most famous is Genipabu, 35 kilometers from the capital. The former fishing village is today, destination of tourists in search of beautiful scenery and adventure. Its huge dunes provide exciting buggy rides, going up and down the steep walls of white sand. The award of the adventure, at the end of the journey, are the picturesque ponds of Pitangui and Jacumã where practicing “esquibunda” (sliding on your behind) with a plank of wood that slides through sand hills to the water, and the “aerobunda” with ropes.

Another spectacular tour is to the natural pools of Maracaju, 60 kilometers from the capital. It is the opportunity to dive and observe the colorful fish that inhabit coral reefs. Freediving requires no experience, and is performed only with a mask and a snorkel.

From Pirangi do Norte, 25 kilometers from Natal, a boat ride takes you to natural pools formed around 800 yards from the coast. Nearby is the famous “largest cashew tree in the world.” The more than 100-year-old tree occupies an area of 8.5 thousand square meters and produces 70 000 fruits per year. It’s never ending cashew nuts.