Shopping at the Centro de Turismo not only means getting in direct contact with craftsmen and artisans, but with the history of Natal itself. The cells of the old Cadeia Pública de Natal were turned into small shops that offer a wide variety of articles.

The Shopping do Artesanato Potiguar, in Ponta Negra, is the place to look for not only the wide variety of regional objects and candy. On the same street you will find Vilarte, a smaller shopping center, also oriented to crafts and regional products.

Those who prefer to combine trips and shopping trips, will not regret to travel 45 kilometers to the district of Campo de Santana, in the municipality of Nísia Floresta to visit the Association of Labirinteiras. There, as if by magic, the nimble hands of artisans build laces, Renda de Labirinto, which reflect the talent and creativity of the northeastern women.