The beautiful Fortaleza dos Reis Magos, a six-pointed star beachfront built of stone and lime more than 400 years ago, is the landmark of the foundation of the city and points out the influence of long gone times. On the other hand, the Metropolitan Cathedral, only a quarter of a century old and boasting audacious architecture, reveals the modern side of Natal.

History is also present in the Ribeira district. In the port area, the district of Ribeira is one of the first urbanized areas in Natal, and is home to the Espaço Cultural Casa da Ribeira, installed in a centennial mansion.

Tradition is manifested at the memorial dedicated to the folklorist Luis da Câmara Cascudo, great scholar of Brazilian popular culture, and the art collection at the Palácio Potengi, former seat of government, where today the Pinacoteca do Estado do Rio Grande do Norte is located.

And, the grand finale, blue sea and sand mountains: nature gifts that add to the history and tradition of Natal to make the Potiguar capital a privileged place.

Enjoy Nata!