Capital of the state champion in the production of shrimp and traditional fishing activities, Natal takes advantage of this position. Its restaurants are dedicated to turning fish and seafood into savory dishes, both sophisticated and contemporary as well as simple and traditional. How about a trying a “ginga” with crunchy and irresistible tapioca, served at the Mercado Público da Redinha or at Praia da Redinha, a former fishing village? Or a plate of shrimp without that old acquaintance – parsimony!

The specialties of the interior have the place of honor. The corned beef, roasted or with cream, followed by cassava, cowpea and clarified butter, the paçoca de pilão, the goat, the goat shank, Arroz de Leite and the Baião de Dois, are some of the many delights that enchant and conquer forever.

But Natal goes beyond that. Just like any other large city, its restaurants are in tune with the cuisine that is practiced around the world and serve recipes from various places.