The youngest state capital in Brazil is known for its charm and organization. Like Brasília and Boa Vista, its avenues are long and wide. The city has parks and roundabouts with garden.

The city was founded in 1989, when the secessionist movement made a division in the north of the state of Goiás to create a new state: Tocantins. People, who was insatisfied because the lack of resources and investments, led this movement.

Nowadays, Palmas has over two hundred thousand inhabitants and acquired its own indetify. You can learn more about the history of the city visiting the park Praça dos Girassóis, that is one of the biggest parks in the country, where you can find important architectural monuments of the city, making references to indigenous groups like Apinajé, Khahô and Xambioá.

The main tourist attractions are aimed the ecotourism. Palmas owns beautiful natural resources and unique beauty. Near from the city you can find dozens of water falls, montain ranges, trails and sceneries that fascinate tourists from all over the world.