Sunset on the Guaiba River, a gourd of yerba mate, a silver bombilla, a cape and a poncho, farroupilha traditions. On the other hand, high level of human development, cultural diversity, intense sports, artistic and scientific activity, social and environmental responsibility. PoA is tradition and modernity in tune, it is the pride of the gaucho and technology, it is love of the land and opening to the world.

Porto Alegre is considered one of the best capitals to live, work and do business. It is natural that many people from all parts of the country come here willing to give their best to live better. In recent decades, the city has become one of the major Brazilian cities, revamping the public administration, boosting the economy, internationalizing culture and, consequently, achieving high levels of quality of life. With strong German and Italian heritage, but looking to the future, Porto Alegre preserves its traditions without losing sight of the importance of the present moment.

Although it is now quite distant from the original ecosystem, the city is heavily forested, and on its streets, one can find the Rosewood, the Ipe, the Tipuana the Sibipiruna and other native species to the Atlantic Forest. Its numerous parks and squares welcome residents and visitors every day, offering tranquility in nature, and also contact with plants and small local animals.


Two beautiful cities of the Serra Gaucha, very close to each other, which offer great choices for tours starting from Porto Alegre, especially for those who enjoy chilly weather – or a very cold one, in the winter – good restaurants and cozy inns.

The first in the itinerary is Gramado. The strong influence of European immigration to the region, mainly German, can be seen in the buildings of the city, which architecture mimics the typical half-timbered. On restaurant menus, the famous colonial breakfast is highlighted, and offers dozens of items brought by former Italian settlers, as well as the fondue. There are beautiful and bucolic places for sightseeing, as the Lago Negro (the Black Lake), and great attractions for children such as Minimundo and the Mundo Encantado , reproducing miniature cities. Parents who love vehicles will enjoy museums like the Supercarros, the Hollywood Dream Cars and the Harley Motor Show.

Eight miles ahead is Canela, a city focused primarily on tourism in nature. Its business card is the Cascata do Caracol (Caracol waterfall), 131 meters high. The parks da Ferradura and da Cachoeira (Horseshoe and Waterfall), the Alpen Park and the Ecoparque Sperry lead the visitor to adventures and beautiful natural views.