The Brique da Redenção, which takes place every Sunday on Avenida José Bonifácio, along Parque Farroupilha, is the most traditional craft fair in Porto Alegre. Declared a Cultural Heritage of the State, it is one of the meeting points of the “gauchos”. Besides handicrafts, dozens of stalls expose antiques, paintings, sculptures, porcelain, prints, and – of course, sweets, snacks and other homemade delicacies. Other similar small craft fairs scattered around the city also happen on take place on weekends.

The fitting equipment used to make mate – gourd, pump and yerba mate – as well as breeches, boots, ponchos, hats and accessories to horse riding, are part of the traditional life of the gauchos. And in Porto Alegre they can easily be found shops specialized in these regional products.

The city malls, modern and complete offer a wide range of products, designer stores and good food courts.