A cosmopolitan city with a strong influence of German, Italian and Pole immigrants, the state capital could not fail to offer these specialty restaurants. But not only these. French and Oriental specialties, such as Thai and Japanese are also present.

Just like all over Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre does not turn down roasted meats on the grill. Here, the barbecue is a real institution. On weekends, it is not uncommon to see Porto Alegre locals holding their yerba-mate gourds assembling their grills in the parks – and even in squares – and preparing a good “vazio”,  one of the favorite cuts of beef. The most radical traditionalists dispense “heresies” such as salads and the “picanha” (top sirloin cap) preferring a nice prime rib of beef skewered by the fire floor. It takes a few hours to get ready and then is served accompanied only by cassava flour.

The steakhouses in modern and democratic Porto Alegre, however, cater to all tastes. From simple to more sophisticated, they serve various cuts of beef, pork and goats accompanied by regional dishes such as  the Arroz de Carreteiro, (type of rice) or a generous buffet.