Hidden beauty, paceful, nostalgia and diversity: some words that  take us to this city, which is one of the youngest brazilian capitals.

Porto Velho was founded in the early twentieth century, because of the new railroad Estrada Ferroviária Madeira – Marmoré that was built, and which attracted a lot of people, from all over the brazilian states and brought prosperity to the region.

Nowadays, visitors can revive a part of the railroad history, when they find old steam trains or visit the museum Museu da Estrada de Ferro Madeira-Marmoré, which have a collection with old trains, machines, furnitures, documents and a locomotive engine from 1878. It’s a special attraction being in touch with the memories of this lovely city.

Not only you immerce in Porto Velho’s history, another attraction is a boat trip over the river Rio Madeira.  The trip takes 45 minutes and it ends at the whitewater Corredeira Santo Antônio, that is one of the most known postcards of the city, with the landscape and exotic animals like the Boto cor-de-rosa (animal from dolphin’s family).

If you like partying, Porto Velho is the best place! The nightlife in the capital is lively with its restaurants, bars and clubs. The fun is guaranteed in the “Hollywood walk of fame”, the best choice if you want to know the 3rd richest city in Brazilian Amazon.