Northeastern handicrafts stand out for their beauty and originality and, in Recife, it is possible to buy the most special from the production of artisans from the entire state. The Centro de Artesanato de Pernambuco has baskets, renaissance laces, ceramics and carpeting. At the Casa da Cultura, beautiful xylographic pictures of the cordel literature join the traditional clay dolls. And in the Mercado São José, in addition to the typical culinary ingredients, there are hammocks and toys.

At the Rua do Bom Jesus and around the Praça do Arsenal, the Feira do Recife Antigo takes place each Sunday, with very attractive handicrafts commerce. The Mercado da Madalena, in addition to having the renowned birds fair, became a meeting point for partiers, seeking to renew their energies with the regional meals served there from six in the morning.

And there are shopping-centers, of course, for the normal purchasing. Recife has an excellent network of commercial centers with shops, gastronomy, leisure and services. Optics, jewelries, bookstores, perfumeries, sports articles, fashion, shoes, home items and decoration, handicrafts… and also restaurants, ice-cream parlors, cafés, cinemas, events… that is, all that is indispensable in our day to day life.