The cuisine from Pernambuco has Indian, African and European traces. On the other hand, the countryside contributes with the sun dried beef, goat meat, tripe ragout, stomach and chambaril, the coast presents the fish, the moquecas, the cabidela chicken and the Pernambucan feijoada, made with vegetables and quadroon beans. For dessert, curd cheese with sugar honey, cassava cake, cartola or bolo de rolo. It is a simple, but sometimes very rustic cuisine, though flavorful and original.

Awarded the title of Northeastern gastronomic capital, Recife has excellent restaurants, from the genuine northeastern cuisine to the most diversified national and international specialties. The fast-foods have created their own recipes even for the traditional bolo de rolo and the pubs make excellent caldinho, a local delicacy you cannot miss.