The carioca’s everyday meal is simple, with the infallible presence of rice and black beans, some beef, vegetables and salad. For dessert, custard pudding, homemade sweets or the traditional Romeo and Juliet: a nice slice of fresh cheese with another slice of guava paste, preferably flaky.

They eat out more for the pleasure of going out and being with their friends, but they also prize quality cuisine. The healthy meal wave increased the demand for salads and hot light dishes, fish or chicken, and the restaurants catering those options attract the young – and the not so young – concerned with their well-being and healthy fitness. However, who resists to a Feijoada Carioca accompanied by caipirinha, made of lime and cachaça, according to the tradition, or in different versions that make anyone happy?

There are many good choices in carioca scene. Below are some ideas of restaurants and pubs with lots of personality. Places worth going to, for their cuisine and for their atmosphere, that are so much Rio.