São Salvador, Bahia de São Salvador, land of Our Lord, a piece of land that belongs to me… Only a poet could describe the city’s beauty and the people from Salvador. Perfect miscegenation translated into an authentic Brazilian-ness profile, in which the predominant traces are those of cordiality, religiousness and happiness. Capoeira, ganzá, berimbau, vatapá and acarajé, Jorge Amado, Zumbi, Castro Alves, Caetano and Caribé… You’re in Bahia, meu rei! (my King)!

Founded as São Salvador da Bahia de Todos os Santos, in 1549, the capital of Bahia was the first capital of Brazil. Its cuisine and musical richness is closely linked to the African presence that brought customs and values from that continent to build a unique society, in which beliefs and religions, rhythms and sounds, colors and shapes, fragrances and flavors.

A high scarp divides Salvador into Cidade Alta (High City) and Cidade Baixa (Low City), the latter some 85 meters below the former and joined since 1873 by the Elevador Lacerda. Climbing the steep slopes on foot may give one incredible discoveries.

In all, Salvador is to be enjoyed leisurely. There is a lot of culture, the finest colonial architecture, Olodum, capoeira, candomblé, fantastic food, shade and fresh water.