In Salvador you are always tempted to buy typical artifacts which will bring to our homes a little of this enchanted land. Some of the best options for this type of shopping are the Instituto de Artesanato Visconde de Mauá, where you may find embroideries, laces and ceramics from the Recôncavo Baiano, Coisas da Terra, where you find dolls, ceramic fruits and local artists’ work, the Feira de São Joaquim, a place for those more daring, to buy regional fruits and spices, candomblé articles and local food, and the Mercado Modelo, where one must bargain, selling clothes and bric-a-bracs at tourist trap prices.

For the conventional products, the many shopping-centers – from the traditional and popular Shopping Barra to the sophisticated Iguatemi – offer  a wide range of stores with the most diverse products, in addition to services, restaurants and cinemas. The Salvador Shopping is the biggest and most famous. The Itaiguara, the smallest of all, even has live music. And the Salvador Norte Shopping is a helping hand for those staying at the Itapuã and Stella Maris regions.