Salvador’s cultural syncretism, far from diffusing the city’s character, results in a coherent, complex and totally original identity.

The opulence of the city’s innumerable churches depicts the devotion of colonial times, while the simplicity of Pelourinho speaks of the African reality of those same times. In the São Francisco Convent and Church and in the Cathedral Basilica, there are beautiful wooden sculptures covered with fine gold enameling as examples of the baroque magnificence. These churches as well as the Igreja da Ordem Terceira de São Francisco, the Igreja Nossa Senhora do Rosário dos Pretos, the Afro-Brazilian Museum and the Fundação Casa de Jorge Amado, stand side by side with the colorful villas in the Pelourinho slope and are the highlights of any visit to Salvador.

Solar do Unhão, Forte de Santo Antônio, Historic Center, Largo da Dinha, famous beaches, delicious promenades, capoeira presentations, Olodum rehearsals… leisure is abundant in Salvador.

Enjoy Salvador!