Aromas and flavors from Africa tune the cuisine from Bahia. A lot of spices transform a simple meal into an exquisite sensorial experience. Those who already have had the real vatapá knows what this means. Recipes with plenty of fish and shrimps, malagueta pepper, ginger, coconut milk and  plenty dendê oil. Also a lot of patience and a lot of care. Secrets for those who came from afar in dishes conceived to please the orixás and  which you learn only by doing.

An acarajé, fried right there in dendê oil, filled with vatapá and served with a smile from a baiana lady dressed in white lace tastes like the gates of heaven. Moquecas, frigideiras, caruru, abará, mungunzá… on the baiana’s tray or in refined restaurants the cuisine from Salvador is unique. But once again one must go easy. Taste everything but in between have meals lighter than the portentous local delicacies. And remember that locally “hot” means with lots of pepper!