The traditional characters of Bumba meu Boi, as well as ice cream vendors, greengrocers and colliers who still roam the streets of São Luís, are represented by delicately crafted miniatures in Maranhão. And it is in Casa das Tulhas, or the Mercado da Praia Grande, a major center for handicrafts and local specialties, that they gain prominence. Together with cassava flour, cachaça, liqueurs, tiquira, Guaraná Jesus, nuts and sweets, the miniatures compete with ceramics from Rosario and the basketry from the Lençóis region for the attention of those seeking for special mementos.

In the city of Raposa, famous for its traditional embroiderers, lace of the finest quality is found: the “fillet”, the bobbin lace, the Richelieu and the overly entwined Renaissance.

There are also musical instruments such as rattles, tambourines and puma-drums, as well as colored t-shirts and caps reggae style which reveal another face of the culture of São Luís.